Goran Streny

Head of Solutions

Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Goran Streny is Head of Solutions in Engagement Practice eHealth business area in the company Ericsson Nikola Tesla. He is employed in Ericsson Nikola Tesla, on various positions, since 2005. Since 2009 he has participated in implementing different eHealth systems and solutions worldwide: national eHealth platforms in Croatia, Armenia and Kazakhstan, public health solutions in Croatia and hospital information systems in USA, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. His main responsibilities are process consulting, leading teams and the architecture and delivery of national solutions focusing on national Electronic Healthcare Record systems, Patient services and portals and eHealth processes, e.g. ePrescription, eReferral etc. Since 2016 he has been responsible for Croatian national eHealth platform in Ericsson Nikola Tesla. He graduated from Faculty of electrical engineering and computing, Radiocommunications and professional electronics, in 2003 in Zagreb. In 2018 he enrolled the specialist postgraduate study programme „Leadership and Management of Health Services” at University of Zagreb School of Medicine.