Jasna Mesarić

O predavaču

asna Mesarić, Associate Professor at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Assistant Director for Quality and Education of Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Health Care and Social Welfare (AQAH), Croatia.

She is specialised in transfusion medicine with postgraduate qualification in Hematology, Clinical Pediatrics and Leadership and Management of Health Services. Since 2007 she is president of the Croatian Society for Quality Improvement in Healthcare, Croatian Medical Association, and since 2015 she is president of European Society for Quality in Healthcare (ESQH). She had a leadership role in launching WHO PATH (Performance Assessment Tools for Hospitals) program in the frame of BCA-WHO and Ministry of Health (2009-2011); Leader of Work Package 2: Dissemination of the European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care, PaSQJoint Action project (2012-2016).

Through years, she has been active in a wide range of issues and initiatives associated with the development and implementation of quality standards, performance measurement and quality improvement, establishment of reporting and learning system, management of clinical use of blood, education and training. She was Director of AQAH from June 2013 to December 2014.